Heaters - Pumps - Lights - Filters - Salt Systems

As Florida state licensed pool contractors, we are able to take care of all pool related repairs. We specialize in Heaters, lighting, salt systems, filters and pumps. The things that we consider to be the heart of any pool system. If theres any additional questions contact us, and a member of our office will get back to you within 24-hours to help.

natural Gas/propane heaters & electric heat pumps


Swimming Pool Heaters

Leaks and error codes to clunking and cycling. We have extensive knowledge with all kinds of pool heaters and are considered pool heater specialists by others companies in the industry, which is a title we will gladly accept.

The first real luxury people choose for their pools. Once summer begins to fade we want to keep swimming just a bit longer and a gas heater or electric heat pump will absolutely do that. However during the summer and the coldest parts of winter they tend to sit unused and anything that isn't used that sits outside like these do for that long often needs a little check up. Sensitive switches and sensors may need replacing, water may penetrate the circuit board if the rain from the roof runs onto the top of the heater all summer long or old plumbing with improper chemical balance may corrode components causing leaks or other errors stopping the heater from working normally. We can take care of anything whether it be for Natural Gas, Propane, or Electric heaters.

Pumps and motors


The most vital piece of pool equipment

Pumps are the heart of your pool system. Without it everything else is rendered useless, and because of this they take a beating. connection points may leak over time and motors simply run themselves to death. Older single speed motors and pumps still have their place but we now recommend replacing old motors with variable speed motor technology. There is a greater initial outlay for installation but these new brushless motors are significantly longer lasting and energy efficient. The initial outlay is recovered well before the lifetime of the pump because of the vastly increased energy efficiency. they also lend themselves well to future automation systems.

Pool and Spa Lights


Make the switch to LED light technology

LED technology has come a really long way, and its finally become affordable in pool lights. The install cost is only marginally higher than incandescent bulbs but there are several key benefits. 

  • Brighter

  • Whiter (color changing LED is an option)

  • Expected to last 10+ years

  • More energy efficient

We've had to go back to put LED lights in peoples pools because they got them for their spa and were so impressed they wanted the same result for the entire pool!


Changing A Pool Light

There is a commonly held belief that to change a light requires draining a pool. This is false and costs you more time and money, whereas our method only requires one of our qualified divers be in the water. check out our video below to see how our process works and to learn a little about LED lights! 

DE and Cartridge Filters

New clean filter sitting next to dirty clogged old filter

Both DE and paper cartridge filters get a lot of wear and tear. If you are experiencing flow issues, high pressure with regular filter cleaning its probably time to change the cartridge or Perform a teardown on the grids. Cartridges have a life expectancy of around 6-12 months depending on use, size of the pool and amount of debris they have to filter out. DE filter teardowns are an important part of service and proper service should prevent much wear on the grids inside a DE filter, but time and chemical takes its toll and during a teardown some grids may be broken and need replacement.


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