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Whenever you have a problem with you pools equipment, just know you in good hands with the Doc

Why choose doc deans for your pool repair?

Pool Contractors

You get the backing of our licensing, meaning safety and quality is guaranteed.

Speedy Diagnosis

Slow diagnosis leads to more problems, so we work fast to get you running ASAP.

Repair Specialists

We made our name in Central Florida as the trouble-shooting & repair specialists.

20 Years Experience

Our decades of experience mean that there is almost nothing we haven't seen.

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Types of Pool Equipment Repairs

Pool Pump Icon


-Loud Motors
-Not Turning On
-Intermittent Running
-Poor Flow

SwimmingPool heater


-Error Codes
-Intermittent Heat
-Faulty Circuit Boards
-Faulty Sensors

Swimming Pool Light


-Dead Bulbs
-Full of Water
-Tripping Breakers
-Cracked Glass

swimming pool filter


-Poor Flow
-Old grids
-Cracked Casing

swimming Pool Automation


-Intermittent Running
-Connectivity Issues
-Programming Errors
-Chemical Feeder Issues

swimming pool salt system

Salt Systems

-Dead Cells
-Low Production
-Error Codes
-Automation Connection

Our Customers Say


Are you really the specialists?

For a long time we’ve been your pool guys pool guy. We still work with a lot of other companies to perform repairs their licensing doesn’t cover.

Can you repair solar heaters?

anything on the ground like the switches, valves and electronic components but for Issues on the roof we recommend using a solar heating specialist.

Can you work on gas heaters?

Yes! We maintain an active pool contractor and liquid propane license so we can work on all aspects of any pool heater you may have.

Do I need to drain my pool for light repairs?

Not at all! In the past few years we’ve only needed to drain one of the many hundreds of pool lights we have installed. 

Will you install something I buy online?

We source the highest quality equipment and parts from local suppliers which allows us to offer extended warranties. Many manufacturers like Hayward, Pentair & Jandy are now voiding warranties on many online sales as well so right now we do not recommend you buy online.

Do you work on above ground pools & hot tubs?

We specialize in the service and repair of grounding swimming pools and spas so unfortunately we do not at this time.