Automation - Salt - Heaters - LED Lighting

Automate your system with the iAqualink

Pool automation antenna

Running the entire backyard from the palm of your hand from anywhere in the world. Everyone uses a smartphone and we use its convenience daily so include pool and spa in that convenience. Never needing to go out to change heater temperatures or move valves to make the spa bubble and turn the lights on ever again. The simple nature of the iAquaLink™ mobile app makes using your pool easier than you can imagine and it WILL get you in and enjoying the pool more frequently. This system is powerful so contact us for a full rundown on its capabilities. 

Here is just some of the things it can operate:

  • System on/off

  • Lights for the pool and backyard

  • Heaters

  • Spa air blowers

  • Water features

  • Pool cleaners

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Salt chlorination systems


Only The Best Name Brand Products

Salt chlorination is a phenomenal choice for your swimming pool. Salt water produces a constant effective dose of chlorine every day while it operates, eliminating the need for transporting storing and dosing liquid chlorine. This means you never have to remember to add chlorine or wait for the "Green reminder". We check salt levels frequently for our clients on our weekly pool cleaning program, making sure your system remains fully operational year round.  

  • Reduces chemical costs

  • Limits trips to a pool store

  • No need to keep chemicals in the garage or outside

  • No more:

    • Red eyes

    • Green hair

    • Dry skin

pool heaters and heat pumps


Natural Gas and Propane Heaters

Gas or propane is the best option for heating a pool and attached spa/hot tub . These types of heaters get the temperature up much faster than electric and can make your spa or hot tub warm year round, so you can always enjoy them.

We are Florida State Gas and Pool contractors, so any work we do on a gas heater is fully handled by us and us alone. Keeping your cost down and the quality of workmanship high.


Electric Heat Pumps

Electric heaters or heat pumps are great for medium to large pools that do not have hot tubs or spas. These generate heat at a slower rate so quickly turning on and getting in the hot tub really isn't an electric heaters best use. They are used most effectively to extend the swimming season both earlier and later by a month or two either side and make the swimming season a little more comfortable for you.

LED pool & spa lights

LED pool light sitting on deck of pool its being installed into

Pool and spa lights should all be switching to LED these days. The new LED technology with brilliant whites and vibrant colors has become incredibly affordable compared to regular old incandescent bulbs and over their expected 10+ year lifespan they will recoup the difference and more on your energy bill combined the fact they shouldn't need to be repaired anywhere near as frequently as an incandescent. LED light also refracts through the water at night, making these gorgeous ripples of light shimmer across the top of the water. It adds so much character, color, and energy to any party or sets the mood for a relaxing evening at home.

How We Change Lights

Contrary to what some people may have you believe, draining a pool to change or fix a light is almost wholly unnecessary and a waste of time and money for you. We have a system that allows most lights be changed within 90 minutes. Check out the video below to see how we do it!

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