Giving back the backyard

Doc Deans Pools has been a mainstay in the Central Florida community since 1999. We take great pride in working for our neighbors and giving them the time back to relax pool side and never having to worry about their pools looking great for their next get together. As a licensed pool contractor here in Florida we are fully EPA and state compliant in everything we do, ensuring you get only the absolute premium equipment and services from us.

Let us take care of the pool and you can enjoy never having to drive to pick up chemicals from "The Store" ever again.

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Family owned and operated

The heart of the Doc Deans Pools daily operation is our owner Mike along with his wife and office manager Amanda. Mike will take all of your repair and renovation appointments personally and meet with you at your home to ensure you always get to the top and speak to the man with over 30 years of gas work experience and nearly 15 years of pool and renovation experience. Amanda takes your calls, makes your appointment dates and organizes our office to ensure you always get the most efficient and caring customer service in the business. Our service and repair technicians are fully trained by one of our own members of staff in the Doc Deans Pools Service Method. This means we manage each individual pool like a special snowflake, and give you and your pool the best and most individualized service possible.

Communication 24/7

When you can't call or we are out of office hours we still offer our 24/7 e-mail support so we can prepare for your pool or offer any advice to you around the clock. We believe communication is the key to keeping your pool and you happy, so send us a message if you have any questions or concerns!

Repair Specialists


Within the industry Doc Deans Pools has garnered a reputation as the "Troubleshooting & Repair Specialists". A banner that we very proudly wave. We love breaking a problem down and solving the cause of the issue, and believe that a service & repair company should be able to actually service and repair like we do. As you can see we have no problem spending the extra time tearing an appliance down so you can save thousands of dollars by getting your heater or salt system fixed rather than simply replaced.  

Embracing Innovation


Even though we are repair and service specialists there comes a time in a piece of equipments life that the best option really is to replace it. Old automation systems with remotes that never work or heaters that are rusted and collapsing in on themselves often replacing them with newer far more advanced solutions offer vastly greater benefits than attempting to repair them. Automation these days runs from your phone via an app like iAquaLink™ and has intelligent communication with pool and spa lights and salt chlorine systems to make operation smooth sailing for you and your family. 

We Are Your Craftsmen 

Renovation, resurfacing, installing new decking and water features is so much more than just doing "Whatever works". You deserve to create the backyard or atrium you've always wanted. The one with the glass mosaics reflecting the light in the evening or the grotto to escape under on a hot summer afternoon. The raised back wall with long waterfalls pouring out as you sit around your fire pit, it is all possible. Our options go from as minimal to maximal as imaginable and you can find out for free if you set up an appointment with us by filling out our contact form below.

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