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Behind The Scenes at Doc Deans Pools

We Are Doc Deans

Doc Deans is our owners Mike and Amanda’s American dream. Years ago they took a major chance and moved their young family here to Winter Garden to give their all into creating a pool service company that takes care of their community.

Flash forwards to 2020 and they’ve created a company that not only maintains all aspects of your pool but has separated itself from industry norms with our impeccable customer service & support being the defining quality to our clients. They’re the ones who started saying:

“Pool sick? Call the Doc!”

Pool Care Specialists

We’ve been dubbed the pool trouble-shooting & repair specialists by our industry friends but we consider ourselves a full pool care company offering a wide range of services.

With this wide range of pool services we make sure to keep one thing clear: We are in the service industry, not the sales industry.

We want to create real and lasting relationships with all of our customers, giving you a personalized level of care that no one else can possibly match.

Doc Deans Pools Owners

Florida pool contractors

We have the requisite years of experience, training & knowledge to maintain your swimming pool and its equipment.

Equipment Experts

Over the past 20 years we’ve been in business we have come up against tens-of-thousands of pool equipment problems. There’s nothing that we cant handle.

You're our neighbor

You will always be more than a number to us. Our goal is to make every conversation feel like you’re talking to your neighbors, because you are!

Your Last Pool Company

When you’re a part of Doc Deans you can have everything regarding your pool taken care of by the people you trust, whether it be weekly cleaning or finding the best heater for your needs.

Your pool. Our Mission.

We Believe In Providing The Best Pool Services To Everyone

Your pool is an asset to your home. The upkeep and maintenance can become difficult with so much misinformation and industry “smoke and mirrors” out there. With our 20 years of experience we want to simplify all of this for you.

We do this by providing the best customer experience for anyone that calls or messages us. You deserve an honest explanation of what you need and with Doc Deans Pools you’ll get that and any of your questions answered to give you the confidence in our care.

We're in your neighborhood

Our Service Areas

If you don’t see your area below don’t worry! Contact us to see if we do.

Winter Garden


Doctor Phillips

Metro West

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