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Commercial Pool Repairs

We make managing a resort or community pool simple with a variety of service options that will keep your pool open & guests happy.

Why choose doc deans as your
commercial pool service company?

Custom Service Features

You have different needs and we aim to serve whatever you may require.

All Inclusive

As a Florida licensed pool contractor, all of your needs are met to service and repair your pool & equipment.


To best serve your guests, we guarantee a call out within 24-hours for our clients to assess any issues you may have

County Compliance

Excellent record keeping and ensures your pool stays open for your guests.

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Some Included Service Features

Chemical Management

Your water will be perfectly balanced with proper chemical adjustments.

Filter Maintenance

Essential to pool health. Paper, DE and sand are all maintained on a schedule.

Stain Prevention

We protect your surface with reliably sourced chemicals and water additives.

Equipment Check Ups

It just wouldn't be "Doc Deans" without getting your weekly equipment check-up.

Repair Guarantee

Our licensing & years of experience means you can have us take care of troublesome equipment.

Service Confirmation

A record of chemical readings as service notes will be made and kept on your property.

Brushing, Netting & Vacuuming

Maintaining your pool's visual appeal is vital to keeping your guests happy.

Chemical Delivery

Essential to pool health. Paper, DE and sand are all maintained on a schedule.

Equipment Optimization

Your equipment's operation will be tailored to bather loads, weather & season.

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Do We Have to Use All Commercial Service Features?

Your service plan can be tailored to include only the services you require.

Should Chemicals Be kept in the pool equipment area?

The only chemicals that should be stored in the equipment area should be stored in approved chemical containers and if stored in the sun the containers should be UV resistant and placed securely.

How do we prevent cryptosporidium?

Proper chemical management (particularly sanitizer/Chlorine levels) and bather regulation. Teaching your guests about swimmer safety with, signs and email messaging is step one to preventing cryptosporidium.

How frequent should commercial pool service be performed?

It depends on bather loads and the swimming season. For typical community pools daily service is required during the summer months while 3 days suffices during the colder months. For larger resorts with many bathers year-round daily service is almost required.

Do commercial & Resort Pools Require Service Records?

It varies from county to county as to what may need to be recorded but to pass most health inspections a record of chemistry readings is almost always required to be maintained & kept on the property preferably in the pool equipment area.

Are there any licensing requirements to work on commercial swimming pools?

In order to be approved to clean a commercial swimming pool the operator must maintain a CPO license or be a licensed pool contractor. In order to service ANY equipment your operator MUST be a current pool contractor as a CPO license does not provide any coverage to the repair and installation of pool equipment.