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Green Pool Cleanups

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Green pools can bring many issues. We at Doc Deans have the knowledge and experience to get your pool from green to clean as fast as possible.

Why trust doc deans to turn
around your green pool?

Clear Pool Guarantee

Any green pool can be turned around. We at Doc Deans guarantee yours will too!

Licensed Contractor

You get our wealth of knowledge and practices that will turn your pool around faster than you thought possible.

Equipment Expertise

Our decades of experience mean we can identify and correct any equipment faults that may have turned your pool green.

Set-Up for Success

Your pool will be ready for service with balanced water and filtration, setting you up for healthy water long-term.

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How We Clean Your Green Pool

Water Analysis

Understanding why your pool is green is step one to combating it. There are a LOT of different reasons pools turn green so understanding the why of your pool's issues, lets us tackle the how of getting it clear.

Filtration Optimization

Your filter is the most vital part of turning your pool around. As part of your inspection we'll assess whether you need filter servicing or a new one to ensure your pool can turn around.

Equipment Tweaks

Your pump speeds, valves and timers may need adjusting to get as much filtration as possible. Green pools typically have poor water flow due to clogged filters, low operating times or a combination of the two.

Method Selection

Below you can read our list of the 3 main methods we use to clean up pools. Which category you fall into depends on what is found in the previous steps here. The sooner you get to us the quicker we can turn your pool around!

Types Of Cleanups

Each plan requires a complementary pool inspection prior to any price confirmations

The most common green clean method. We perform frequent visits depending on the severity of the algae, filtration and equipment capabilities. The pool is aggressively treated with a range of algaecides and sanitizers to kill algae, allowing it to be filtered out and removed.

This includes the same treatments we use in our chemical cleanups but in some cases where there is severe amounts of debris in the pool or if the pool equipment is incapable of filtering out large amounts of algae, we use external pumps to remove the algae from the water and your pool system all together. 

For the greenest of pools, and pools that don’t turn around. We safely drain your pool and often we recommend we perform a chlorine wash of the pool surface to ensure we kill any residual algae and remove the last contaminants.

Once completed we fill the pool with freshwater and we re-establish a proper chemical balance for chlorine, Ph, alkalinity and stabilizer.



How Long Does a Cleanup Take ?

It depends on the severity but realistically cleaning up a green pool can take from 2 days to 2 weeks.

My equipment has issues can you fix them too ?

Absolutely! As a licensed pool contractor for the state of Florida we can carry out any necessary repairs to run around your green pool.

Are there any chemical fees ?

After you receive your pool inspection and the best method is determined we will offer you a quote that includes all costs. Should any unforeseen events occur we will of course notify you.

What Chemicals Do you Use ?

Depending on the severity we use a range of different chemicals: variants of algae-cides from silver to copper based, as well as poly-quats and high doses of sanitizers like chlorine.

Each cleanup is different and what your pool needs will be different to another pool.