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2582 Maguire Rd. | Ocoee, Florida 34761

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Pool Renovation &


In Winter Garden, Ocoee and the surrounding areas.

Schedule Your Resurfacing Consultation Today 

We'll walk you through the steps we use to make sure your pool comes out looking great and has helped hundreds of other people get the pool of their dreams.

  • Surface Color

  • Surface Texture

  • Tiles

  • Water Features

  • Deck Modifications

  • Lighting

The 4-Step Resurfacing Process


Know exactly where in the process of resurfacing you are at all times.

Your Resurface Covered from Start to Finish  

Each of these phases is vital to ensuring the best results and ensuring you have a gorgeous pool for years to come. Most companies do the first 3 but what sets us apart is our expert setup process. When a pool is first plastered and filled with water the pool still isn't finished "drying" as it actually takes about a week to fully cure and "dry" underwater. During the first week there's a specific range for our chemical levels that we must maintain in order to prevent a lot of issues such as:

  • Calcium Deposits

  • Hydration Marks

  • Uneven Color

  • Streaks

  • Iron Staining

The water coming out of your faucet has impurities that when we putting 10,000+ gallons of water into a still curing pool can add up and cause harm to that fresh plaster. Our setup prevents that and gives your pool the best Start once we Finish plastering.

Lets make your dream pool