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This is a big decision so we will go over all of your available options in person. A great pool is a work of art put together with true craftsmanship and you should have exactly what you want.


The Phases

We move onto our 4-phase method after you have decided on the surface color and texture, wether or not you are re-tiling or adding spray jets and a spillovers. The phases are structured so you can understand our renovation and resurfacing process as we work to craft your dream pool. 

phase 1 "prep"

Tiles being chipped off to begin a pool renovation
  • Drain the water using our high flow sump pump

  • Remove the drain plug in the main drain

  • Removal of any plastic fittings (wall returns, drain covers etc.)

  • If you choose to change tiles this is when we remove the tile

The prep is handled over a couple of days. Typically the pool will drain in a few hours and then the team will get to work removing tiles if you have chosen to retile, which depending on the size of the pool and amount of tile takes around 6-12 hours to complete. This is the real deconstruction and demolition of the old pool.

phase 2 "tile and bond"

  • Laying of new tile around pool

  • Placement of glass spotting tiles on steps

  • Painting on the bond coat that the new surface will adhere to

We make the tiles level to where the water line would be eliminating any strange lines from the water to grout lines. We place "Spot Tiles" on steps as there needs to be some kind of indicator as to where the pool steps are. As matching old tile is incredibly difficult we use colored glass that will match the old tiles and give a polished look if you decide not to retile the entire pool and spa. The bond coat is a special blend of adhesives we use to plaster the new surface to the shell of the pool. 

phase 3 "the plaster and wash"

  • The resurfacing crew will arrive to pour the new surface

  • After plastering the pool the crew will hand wash the surface

    • This prevents clouding when the filling process begins

  • New plastics will be installed and the pool begin being filled

    • Return jets, main drains, PVC pipe fountains etc.

The new pool is nearly ready. The importance of our washing process cannot be understated. Years of practice and talks with surface manufacturers led us to this washing diligence. We wash down the surface for the important reason of revealing the crystals in the cement. These crystals reflect the light back up through the water giving you that deep blue sea or sandy beach appearance. In conjunction with the tile choices, the crystals set the mood of your pool and spa. 

phase 4 "the setup"

  • The 7 day period once the pool is filled

  • We visit the pool daily and aggressively treat the water

    • We do this to prevent the possibility of stains

  • Daily brushing of all surfaces

  • Removal of any debris from surface

    • We do not vacuum as this will leave track marks in the surface

  • Until the week is over swimming is highly discouraged

    • The surface is soft and the water incredibly acidic

  • After our initial 7-day set up vacuums may be put back in and swimming may begin

The Setup, is the most critical part of an entire pool resurface or renovation. Everything else can be done absolutely perfectly but this 7-day period will ensure your pool lasts over years as opposed to under 10 months. Our blend of chemical treatments and physical service prevent calcium deposits forming and hydration patches where the cement may cure unevenly from happening. Just like the surface wash in phase 3 this is a feature of our renovation and resurface work we perform because it ensure you get exactly what you asked for. 

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