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2582 Maguire Rd. | Ocoee, Florida 34761

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Service Areas

Doc Deans Pools has proudly served Central Florida for 20 years. we've grown a lot in our time thanks to people like you so please check the service are map or  click on your service area below to see the locations we cover!


Our complete Suite of Services

We're a complete pool service company, and that really means complete. Whether you need a plan for weekly pool cleaning, equipment maintenance,  resurfacing or commercial pool you can have it all with us - We're here to  help you and your pool 


Pool Cleaning

A well maintained and cleaned pool is a center piece of you backyard. We'll keep it not only the water looking amazing but also your equipment fully functional and operational. You'll get weekly visits that include chemical maintenance, brushing of the pool surface & tile, netting of any debris, vacuuming, filter cleaning, basket emptying and regular equipment checks.

Pool Equipment Repair

As Florida state licensed pool contractors we have the knowledge & experience to work on all manner of pool equipment from pumps to heaters & automation. We work with our suppliers and manufacturers to offer you a level of product support unmatched by online outlets and retailers. You get more than just the product, you get the support of qualified professionals who work with these items every single day.

Pool Resurfacing

We source our surface and tile products locally, meaning we've actually been to the facility that makes your surface products and maintain a relationship with them to get you the best products possible. We're one of the only pool service providers that also handles the setup process of your new pool surface meaning we are with you from picking your colors until the pools filled and you're ready to swim.

Commercial Pool Maintenance

Swimming pools in apartments and resorts require frequent maintenance from trained professionals. A lot of companies offer a simple chemical delivery service where they'll set the feeders to maximum output and keep them full of chlorine. We believe in providing you with a complete pool care plan that not only keeps your guests safe and happy but also yourselves as we maintain all aspects of your pool equipment.

Pool Sick? Call the Doc!

We love our neighbors

Our communities are incredibly important to us. We hire within the community and we work with our neighbors to create long lasting relationships. We've even had some clients for our entire existence as a company still with us today, through moves and their families growing. 

We believe in offering unmatched customer service that separates us and your pool from everyone else. All you need to do is talk to us.