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Why choose doc deans to resurface your pool?

Limitless Options

Whether its surface color, texture, glass tiles or water features we have every option you can imagine to resurface and create your perfect pool.

Locally Sourced Surfaces

Your new surface is sourced from CL Industries here in Orlando. We have worked with them for over a decade & we can even tour their facility together to see the process.

Specialized Curing Process

Different surface colors & textures require different methods of curing and after years of set-ups we have specialized processes for whichever surface you choose.

Catered to you

We are with you the entire time by phone, email or if you need a chat. If you want to discuss options or the process in person we can always come and meet with you.

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How Is A Pool Resurfaced?

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1. Drain

After your consultation where you've locked in your surface choice, your pool will be drained and the plug removed to relieve any pressure from underneath the pool. Any plastics such as drain covers and return jets are removed and will be replaced with new plastics when we begin the prep.

Prep pool resurface

2. Prep

Here, your pools tile line, return jets & lights get shaved down with an angle grinder. This will let us create a smooth feather on the walls of your new surface, with no lipping or bulges. Finally, we apply a proprietary epoxy that will seal the old surface & allow the new surface to be applied.

Re-plaster Swimming Pool

3. Plaster

After the epoxy has dried, it takes just a few hours for our team of plasterers to apply your new pool surface. Once complete we begin filling the pool, adding our curing aid to begin the setup as quickly as possible.

Curing Process Icon

4. Setup

For the first week your pool is full we perform our full pool service plan every day, micromanaging chemistry into specified ranges that get the best curing results because the surface is in fact drying under-underwater. After the first week we re-balance your water and you are ready to enjoy for years to come.



How long will it take to resurface my pool?

Assuming you get great weather, you can get from drain to prep to plastered in 3-5 days.

Can I swim in my resurfaced pool right away?

Wait at least one week after the pool has been filled. The plaster is still curing and may be soft in places so footprints can be left and our setup  chemistry use make the pool very harsh on skin, eyes, hair & clothing.

do you recommend painting a swimming pool?

Not even a little bit.

Can you remove fiberglass to resurface a pool?

It is possible. This was a trend in the 90’s to cover plaster pools in fiberglass. It’s incredibly time consuming and hazardous but it is something we can do.

Do you chip away the old surface?

If we find hollow areas in your surface we will remove those, but thanks to the epoxy bond coats our manufacturers provide the days of complete “chip-outs” are long behind us now.

What is "pool popping"?

Water underneath your pool pushes up against the shell of your pool and when empty the pressure could be enough to lift it out of the ground. We use pumps to remove this water and remove the plug from the main drain in order to prevent your pool from popping while we re-plaster.