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2582 Maguire Rd. | Ocoee, Florida 34761

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All Pool Cleaning Services

In Winter Garden, Windermere, Ocoee & the surrounding areas.

Weekly Pool Cleaning


End trips to the pool store and enjoy a fully catered maintenance plan that will keep your pool clear year-round. 

Green Cleans

There are many different types of green cleans depending on the severity and we can take care of them all. Learn how by clicking below


Pool cleaning service that's all inclusive

Chemical balancing

Understanding pool chemistry takes time to learn. There's a lot more than just "shock" and acid that we take into consideration. We balance your chlorine, Ph, alkalinity & cyunaric acid levels constantly to give you the best looking pool you've ever had and keep your surface healthy for years to come. 

Physical cleaning

A clean pool doesn't come without some hard work. Weekly you dedicated service technician will brush the surface of your pool as well as the tile line and net out any physical debris you may have. When necessary your pool will be vacuumed to ensure you are satisfied and your pool looks its best.

Pool filter maintenance

Maintaining a cartridge, DE or sand filter is critical to keeping your pool healthy. Your filter will be placed onto a cleaning schedule by your pool service technician to keep your filter clean and operating at its absolute best. If any replacement cartridges, DE grids, or new sand is needed we will notify you and make a plan to get the necessary parts for you.

Equipment check-ups

It just wouldn't be "Doc Deans" without getting your weekly equipment check-up. Each week your pool service tech will check over your pool equipment, checking for any minor indicators of potential problems down the road like small air leaks, water leaks, frequent high pressure, non-functioning valves etc. 

You get more than a pool cleaner

With your maintenance plan get access to our office support team. After each visit they send confirmations in real-time that include anything your tech finds that requires attention as well as any reason to remain out of the pool such as shock chlorination and what time it will be safe to swim.

How to get started

Contact us

You just need to fill out a request here which goes straight to our office support team who will call you and send a follow up email in case we happen to miss you.


We set up the best time to come and visit the pool and evaluate your system, chemistry and talk through a service plan that fits your needs.


From there all you need to do is sit back and relax with your pool being care of every week by qualified pool professionals.


Green pools & cleanups

Some green cleans just needs some extra chemical to pull out the color and a cleaned filter to get everything back to normal- Others may need much more.


After you set your appointment, one of our service techs will come and evaluate your equipment and pool to see what type of cleanup and any repairs you need. A green pool will be much more inclined to turn around with a functioning pump, valves and filter.


Any of that required maintenance is the first to be performed. Any kind of DE filter service, replacement filter cartridges, motor & valve repairs happen immediately. This will help to turn your pool around faster and actually keep clean once we complete our clean-up process.


As far as what you may require and length of time, it depends on just how resistant your pool is to different methods of cleanup. If a chemical treatment is not enough or you have issues with TDS (total dissolved solids) then a partial or full drain of the pool may be required. read about the different types of green cleans here.

Types of cleanups

There are multiple degrees of green cleanup you may require. Just remember, the longer your pool sits green the more difficult it will be to turn it around.

Chemical treatment

We use aggressive chemical treatments like poly-quat and copper algaecides to kill algae. We then remove that algae by vacuuming it all to waste preventing clogging the filter.

Partial drain

The solution to pollution is dilution! Some pools are so overwhelmed with dissolved material that you have to dilute it down to make any chemical treatments effective.

Drain & clean

For your most problematic pools that resist chemical treatments. The pool will be fully drained and the surface treated to any of a chlorine, acid, or pressure wash to remove any contaminants that are causing the issue.