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Timer & Automation Repairs/Installation 

In Winter Garden, Ocoee and the surrounding areas.

Your timer is the literal switch for your entire pool system. Basic mechanical and digital timers can serve well for most pools but once additions like LED lights, heaters and actuators for a hot tubs start getting added its time to look at automation beyond just an on & off switch for your pump.

Automation vs Timers

Timers were the first form of automation brought into popularity in the 90's but modern automation like the iAquaLink and Omni Logic systems have given you options beyond mechanical gears and switches 


Your automation system is the hub of all your pools controls. Run times, lights and lighting presets for colored lights, heaters, air blowers and all manner of directing water flow are controllable meaning you can configure automation systems so that you never need to go out to the equipment to move valves or hit a switch in the dark.  


The iAquaLink use is entirely cloud based. Meaning once the unit is installed and the Jandy valve actuators (JVA's) are programmed, operation happens entirely in the iAquaLink app as there is no display screen on the physical iAquaLink unit.

Omni Logic has a similar cloud based experience in addition to having a touch display on the physical unit that is installed. 

We prefer the iAquaLink as the whole goal with automation is to keep your controls in your hand with your cell phone as opposed to out by the pool equipment.


Now a little outdated there are both mechanical and digital timers for pools. The only function of these timers is to operate the pump on a set schedule, and in the case of some digital timers there would be a switch to alternate between pool and spa modes making a fairly primitive less functional form of automation


Mechanical and digital timers come with a more physical interfaces for users. Valve, light and heater operation is almost all manual, even the electric Jandy valve actuators (JVA's) require the manual use of a switch or use of egg timers to enable operation. The timers only true "automation" is in automating the function of the pump. 

Do you want complete pool control?

Then automation is the way to go. The system simplifies all of the switches timers, heater options, valve turning that you'd do in the dark into one convenient place. The systems are also expandable to include more than just your pool equipment, you can run your entire backyard out of these systems.

Talk to us about automation now