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Filter Repair &


In Winter Garden, Ocoee and the surrounding areas.

After being in business for 20 years, we can help you find out exactly what's wrong with your filter and give you the best options to take care of it

Wether it's a repair or replacement 


We've got you covered. We offer comprehensive assessment and service of all types of filters and any required repairs or parts yours may need.​

  • Filter Installations

  • Filter cartridges

  • DE teardown service

  • DE valve repairs

  • Sand valve repairs

  • General  filter leaks

  • High Pressure

Types of Filters


Cartridge filters

The most common type of filtration system on standard home pools. They usually only have 3 components, the top and bottom halves of the filter tank, and the filter cartridge inside which makes it fairly straight forwards for most people to maintain if they take care of their own pools. Typically you can expect a filter cartridge inside to last about 12-24months before needing to be replaced depending on the size of the filter in relation to the pool, the environment around the pool and the regularity of the cleaning schedule.


Generally every 1-4 weeks we recommend pulling the cartridge out and cleaning well with a hose and spray nozzle to remove any of the contaminants and other debris that will be lodged in the fins of the cartridge. The pressure gauge is going to help let you know how clean the filter is as well, with a 10 psi increase from when the filter is being the indication you desperately need to clean or replace your cartridge.


  • Simple maintenance

  • Most affordable


Sand filters

Sand filters are one of the least common choices for most people but they do have some great benefits vs both cartridges and DE. They are incredibly low maintenance need only back washing, so once they're installed and filled with sand you'll not need to open it up like either of the other two. The system of cleaning a sand filter is simply backwashing it much like a DE filter, the difference being that the sand does not need to be replaced as it doesn't flow out of the filter like DE does. 


Backwashing every 4-12 weeks is a great way to ensure you don't have issues with poor water quality and its recommended to replace the sand inside after 5 years of use to make sure the filter is still working at its best.


  • Incredibly low maintenance 

  • Few areas for leaks to appear

DE filters

This by far the most effective filter and 2nd most common of the filtration systems. Inside of the tank, theres typically either a large mesh cylinder or a series of 8 or so interlocking panels also covered in a thick mesh material. The mesh itself is only a surface for the Diatomaceous Earth (DE) to bind onto. The DE is what actually filters the water, so ensuring this DE is clean is vital to this filters operation.


Every 4-12 weeks DE filters need to be backwashed and recharged with fresh DE. Essentially what this does is reverse the flow of water inside the filter and blow off all the used and dirty DE, flushing it out of the system using a waste line and a long waste hose.

About once per year we recommend you have a DE filter teardown performed. This is the only time the Tank would need to be opened to remove the mesh panels and thoroughly clean them with a hose, much like cartridge filters. While the panels are exposed you should definitely inspect the mesh everywhere and the structural plastics of panels to make sure theres no tears, rips, or loose mesh where the DE could get through. 


  • Clearest water

  • Less frequent maintenance the cartridge filters

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