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We are pool heater repair & installation specialists


Everything to find out why your heaters not functioning normally. From error code diagnosis to temp. sensors, control boards & anything in between.

New Heater

With so many choices let us come to you and find the best heating solution with you. With no call-out fees at all.


What's the best pool heater?

As with all pool equipment it's about the use case - Why do you want the heater?

Different pool heaters are better at different tasks so knowing what you want the heater for is your starting point. 


Heating a spa - You're going to want quick heat transfer so on any given night you can just turn on the heater and get in. Your best choice would be a natural gas or propane heater.

Heating a pool - An electric heat pump will be the best bet lending to its much lower operating costs. These can commonly run daily making your entire pool always ready to swim.

Gas Pool Heaters

Typically running on either natural gas or propane, if you want water heated fast this is the only way to go. The heat exchange in these is instantaneous as the water physically comes into contact with the heat exchanging element inside that is being kept hot by a fire from whichever gas you have available to you. Over the years they've become incredibly fuel and heat efficient 

Best Uses

Gas heaters are great for any type of pool or spa heating, because of their very fast heat transfer. This is by far the best option if your main goal is to heat a hot tub or spa because you'll be able to switch it on and be ready in minutes.

Benefits (Over Electric)

Instant heat and a lower cost of entry. They usually have copper heat exchangers vs the titanium of electric heat pumps but with proper chemical maintenance and regular use of a sequestering agent throughout the year, you should be good for years to come

Electric Heat Pumps

Essentially these are reverse Air-Conditioning units for your pool. Inside the body is a freon compressor that pressurizes freon to make it boil. That boiling freon line then exchanges its heat with the water from your pool running over it. Clearance on all sides of on one these heaters is vital to ensuring the most air-flow and heat transfer to the water as possible. Often we see these pinned up against a wall and surrounded by bushes which negates all of the engineering inside that makes these new electric heat pumps not just heat efficient but energy efficient as well. 

Best Uses

A fantastic option for heating entire pools as they can be on for extended periods of time giving you a much longer swimming season. We don't recommend them if your main goal is to heat you hot tub or spa because it takes just too long to get the heat going because it works from heat transfer from the freon line and not a propane or natural gas flame. 

Benefits (Over Gas)

Titanium heat exchangers. Gas heaters almost all use copper as it can be heated to extreme temperatures and be completely resilient. The copper can often degrade and erode with poor chemical management and the passage of time which may lead to some staining on the surface of the pool if left undiagnosed or untreated. 

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