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Pool & Spa Lights


You'll get repair specialists with the experience to match In Winter Garden, Ocoee and the surrounding areas.

Pool light not working?

  • Bulb replacements

  • LED upgrades

  • Fiber optic conversions

  • Light units repairs and replacements

  • Automation integration

Types of pool lights

You should know some of the benefits and drawbacks of your light choices



Fiber Optic

Common Light Issues​ & Solutions

Water inside the light unit.

Whenever this happens the light units seals have started to leak. The water inside the light causes corrosion of the electrical contractors on the light that will stop the light from working as well as setting off a safety module inside of the light that should be tripping the breaker on your pool light to stop electricity from being sent into the pool. The recommendation here is always to replace the light unit. For safety purposes as well as longevity.

Popped bulbs.

Pool lights used to use incandescent and halogen bulbs that every few years of regular use would pop and need to be replaced. Thats still something we do pretty regularly but with the falling costs of LED lighting and the power savings on regular use most people opt to switch out their old light unit with an LED one. This means that over the years there are significantly fewer maintenance visits for the light where it would need to be taken apart and serviced and some fantastic energy savings.

Tripping the breakers.

The tripped breaker typically indicates a major fault has occurred within the the light and it needs to be replaced for safe operation. There are some instances where this is not the case but the overwhelming majority of the time it's best to replace the faulty light or to cut off the power supply to the light for safety.

Changing the unit

When a pool light fills with water we always recommend replacing the entire light unit. Reason being once they start leaking they usually don't stop and the corrosion inside that light will continue to get worse and worse. 

Changing the bulb

Usually this is reserved for your older incandescent lights. The bulbs just like the ones in your house burn out after time but much like those bulbs in your house you have LED options now that are much more affordable than they were even just 5 years ago!

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