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Pool Cleaning Service

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Windermere - Ocoee - Doctor Phillips - Metro West

We keep pool owning simple with a cleaning service that will have your pool clear and you worry free.

Why choose doc deans as your
pool service company?

Licensed & Insured

We are one of Florida's finest swimming pool contractors. As a customer you get guaranteed quality from a Doc Deans.

Trained Professionals

Every Doc Deans technician is fully trained in pool chemistry, equipment best-practices and preventative maintenance.

Record keeping

Records are kept of each visit so we can notify you of any equipment issues and chemical use to keep your pool clean & safe.

Premium Support

Our office staff is your dedicated knowledge base. Any questions you may have can be answered with a quick call or e-mail.

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Service Features

Chemical Balancing

We'll keep your water balanced and crystal clear year-round.

Filter Maintenance

Essential to pool health. Paper, DE and sand are all maintained on a schedule.

Brushing, Netting & Vacuuming

Goodbye leaves, worms, shingles and all other stain causing pieces of debris.

Equipment check ups

It just wouldn't be "Doc Deans" without getting your weekly equipment check-up.

Service Confirmation

After each visit we send you a confirmation with any notes like necessary repairs or swim times.

Stain Prevention

We protect your surface with reliably sourced chemicals and water additives.

Our Customers Say


How Often are service visits?

Your Doc Deans service technician will perform once weekly service.

Are there any set-up fees?

Nope! We do require an in person inspection of all pool equipment and the pool itself to ensure everything is in proper working order and will notify you of any problems we find.

Do I need to be home for the inspection ?

So long as we have safe access to all pool equipment and the pool it’s not necessary and we will send you a confirmation with anything we find.

Are the chemicals included in my monthly service cost ?

Chemicals for maintaining the balance of Chlorine, Ph, Alkalinity & stabilizer are included. Specialty chemicals are discussed on a “per-use” basis.

How often is my filter cleaned ?

We keep your filter in a schedule that ensures no issues arise and varies from pool to pool.

Will you clean my DE filter? ?

Back-washing of your DE filter is included as a part of regularly scheduled maintenance and is typically once every 3 months. The recommended annual DE tear-down to deep clean the panels is a separate service and is not included in your monthly service charge.