Why Choose Doc?

We offer fully comprehensive pool service, with no hidden fees with phone support during office hours and 24/7 email support. As a service client we prioritize any repairs or upgrades you may want. We perform equipment checkups every week and aim to prevent little issues from becoming major problems with preventative maintenance, letting you know of anything we find not to be working on your system. Preventative maintenance makes every change you make such as lights, heaters, and variable speed motors YOUR choice.


All Weekly Service Includes:

  • Filter Cleaning

    • Backwashing If a DE/sand Filter

  • Emptying of baskets

  • E-mail notification of every visit

  • Chemical Adjustment

  • Brushing

  • Netting

  • Vacuuming When Necessary

  • Weekly System "Check-up"

Why We Service This Way


The Importance of Filtration

Having a clean filter will increase filtration surface area helping filter out and remove more algae and other organic matter. A clean filter also produces greater water and flow keeps pools clear as algae growth is inhibited by flowing water.


Cleaning The Baskets

This goes back to flow. Water that moves is more able to stay clear and healthy, and if baskets are choked full of debris the pump will not be moving much water at all.


Do You Require Any Repairs?